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A Southern California Estate Planning Law Firm

The Law Offices of Kate Young has been dedicated to providing quality estate planning legal services to individuals and families for over fifteen years.  We will assist you in customizing an estate plan to protect you and your loved ones from costly court fees and years of heartache.  Our practice focuses exclusively on wills, trusts, and probate.  

It is important to start off on the right foot when preparing legal documents as costly mistakes tend to occur when you don't receive proper advisement.  Let us help you prepare your will or living trust.    A friendly and experienced attorney will guide you from the application process through the final execution of your documents.  

We also assist clients who have had their estate plans prepared elsewhere and need the occasional review, amendment, codicil, or restatement due to changes in personal wishes, the estate, or the law.  It is advisable to review your existing documents every few years, and especially essential that your estate plan is "cleaned up" before an untimely incident.  Please feel free to contact us if you need to make changes or require a professional review.

Our attorneys and staff are always patient, respectful, courteous, and professional, and our mission is to provide each client with a personalized legal experience.  After the estate plans are long done, our clients know that they always have a place to return to for legal support in carrying out their important wishes.

We operate by appointment only so that each and every client receives 100% of the attorney's time, energy, and attention without interruption.  We welcome you to call us for an appointment at our convenient, local office located on the corner of Foothill and Mayflower Ave.

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Our Estate Planning Portfolios are offered at reasonable, affordable flat rates.  Please call to ask about our Free Consultations for Simple Will or Living Trust portfolios.  A free consultation will provide you with general legal information, which is not the same as legal advice- the application of law to an individual's specific circumstances.  The purpose of our consultations is to discuss your initial desires, allow you to get acquainted with the attorney, and allow the attorney to make an assessment of services that may be of assistance to you.  We will be pleased to provide legal advice on your specific situation after you accept and sign our attorney-client engagement agreement.  Consultations do not include a review of your existing legal documents.

Our fees are extremely competitive with other attorneys and law firms in the area.  We value your business and invite you to call us for a "ballpark" quote over the phone.